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Based on the Laserfiche suite, together with the PlanetPress and CMA Email Manager platforms, we provide a complete solution for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The core to the solution is the Laserfiche product set. Laserfiche is a proven solution already used by over 34,000 organisations worldwide, including government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies. This is complemented by other systems for content delivery and Outlook email archiving.
We can provide a scalable solution for organisations of all sizes to meet with your business requirements and budget.
Global ECM also provide professional services for business analysis, project management, configuration, installation and training, as well as a comprehensive support and maintenance service.


The core Laserfiche product includes document capture and image enhancement, storage and archiving for documents and unstructured information, easy-to-use document organization tools, annotation and metadata features, search and retrieval, collaboration and content distribution, and extensive security controls.
Basic Laserfiche functionality can be expanded with additional Laserfiche product modules, including records management tools; Web distribution via Web Access and WebLink; business process management via Workflow, Agenda Manager and Quick Fields; and personal portal functionality with the Laserfiche SharePoint integration. In addition, the Laserfiche SDK provides the resources necessary to customize your implementation of Laserfiche and create integrations with third-party applications.
To simplify system administration, the Laserfiche product suite is built on top of Microsoft technologies. You can administer your Laserfiche Servers and repositories through a Web-based Administration Console that can be accessed from anywhere and automate administrative tasks with Windows PowerShell through Laserfiche Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) or .NET interface.
  • Document scanning
  • Import photos from digital or mobile phone cameras
  • Image display and annotation
  • Office and Outlook integration
  • Folder-based organisation and metadata profiling
  • Multiple search options, including full text
  • Library services, including revision control
  • Records management
  • Comprehensive security
  • Workflow automation
  • Full audit trails
  • Add document imaging and records management to SharePoint
  • Mobile versions
  • Create web portals
  • Systems integration

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Laserfiche SaaS

Laserfiche SaaS (Software as a Service) EDRMS solution is a secure DoD 5015.2-certified regulatory compliant Enterprise Document Records Management System scalable from the smallest of organisations all the way up to global enterprises and multi national conglomerates.
Laserfiche SaaS EDRMS is provided as a dedicated private specifically tailored for individuals customers and hosted in UK sovereign data centres, with options for data centres anywhere in the world with public, hybrid and community cloud service options where required.
Laserfiche SaaS EDRMS enables the complete end-to-end management of virtually any type of physical and digital media from receipt/creation to retention/disposition, including workflow and business process management, etc.
Laserfiche SaaS EDRMS provides a foundational technology that creates a central point of control for information assets, serves as integrative middleware between other enterprise applications and provides information to the right people at the right time in the appropriate context.

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What is the difference between Laserfiche® Rio and Laserfiche ®Avante?

Laserfiche Rio

The full platform with all available options. The Laserfiche Rio line is designed to meet the needs of large organizations. This includes an unlimited number of database licenses, advanced auditing & web access tools.

Laserfiche Avante

A leaner platform allowing smaller organizations with simpler requirements to select modules customized to their needs. The Laserfiche Avante line is licensed for a single server and lets users choose individual features that support their business processes on an as needed basis.

Laserfiche Cloud

A Laserfiche hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides a central digital repository managed by Laserfiche and accessible from anywhere.
Laserfiche Rio, Laserfiche Avante and Laserfiche Cloud are all DOD 5015.2 certified and feature iOS and Android apps.
Laserfiche is compatible with most commonly used operating systems, including Windows 7 to Windows 11 (client stations), and Windows Server 2012 to 2019 (servers).

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